ECOQUALITY SERVICES SRL is a society that operates in the entire territory of the country, next to its partners, and it offers complete solutions regarding greening services for the environment, using the best techniques and available materials for not harming the health of the population and of the environment

For the activities of ECOQUALITY SERVICES SRL, the company has authorizations and certifications conform to the nowadays legislation. These activities are legally and high quality done. The employees are qualified, specialized in greening operations; harmful and harmless waste/merchandises transportation. Also the tools and the machinery are conforming to the legislation and they satisfy all the ATEX work, environment and labor protection conditions.

Also, ECOQUALITY SERVICES SRL, sustains and applies the principals regarding the quality, labor security, durability and environmental protection. This is the reason why all the activities of the company are done in line with the provisions of the standards for which it has certification.

Our company offers viable solutions for the waste management and also remedies for the technical problems from all industry arm.


9 years


Specialized ecological / decontamination and environmental protection services

About us

ECOQUALITY SERVICES SRL is a company with Romanian capital, located in Bucharest and with a site job in Focsani, founded in 2010. We ensure ecological services on the entire territory of the country.

The mission of ECOQUALITY SERVICES SRL is the supply of high quality services, without affecting the environment, the health and the occupational security, in order to increase the satisfaction of the clients and of all the interested parts. Our vision consist in the development of the rage of services, by systematic improvement of the processes performances.

The policy of ECOQUALITY SERVICES SRL in the quality domain, environment, health and occupational security is a component of the business policy of the company and it is adequate to the purpose and to the mission of the company and it indicates THE ENGAGEMENT OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY MANAGEMENT for:

  • Increasing the fiscal value;
  • Increasing the fiscal value by gaining new customers;
  • The supply of high quality services, conform to the specified requirements, in performant labor conditions, that lead to the environmental pollution decrease;
  • The instruction, the awareness and the improvement of the employees in the domain of work;
  • The compliance with the Romanian and international legislation, regarding the environmental protection;
  • The improvement of the integrated system of quality-environment management.

For the accomplishment of these objectives, we are engaged at every functional level for:

  • The satisfaction of the requests and the expectations, actuals and perspectives, of the clients and the other interested parts;
  • The continuous improvement of the performances in the environmental protection domain;
  • The insurance of an adequate working place for the employees;
  • The allocation of the necessary resources;
  • The development of a culture that recognizes the importance of the quality and the protection of the environment;
  • The compliance with the legislation and the regulations of the environment;
  • The continuous improvement of the efficiency of the integrated system of quality-environment management.

The main services offered are:

  • Cleaning and degassing of fuel tanks/basins and hoses, GAS FREE certificate;
  • Cleaning of fat/hydrocarbons separators;
  • Sanitation of potable water basins/PSI;
  • Specialized ATEX cuts/Decommissions of industrial tanks;
  • Industrial washes of halls/platforms;
  • Bio-remediation in situ/off situ of soils/infested waters;
  • Collection and transport of harmful/harmless waste in order to treat/recovery/eliminate them;
  • Fast interventions at accidental pollutions;
  • Recycling of textile waste ;
  • Environmental consult.



Cleaning of oil reservoirs / basins
Specialized ATEX tents
Collection of hazardous / non-hazardous waste

EcoQuality Services SRL does these works by respecting the environmental law, according to O.U.G. 195/2006 Regarding the Environmental Protection with all the subsequent modifications and additions, including the sequential law that goes from that.

The waste from the tanks or generated after the cleaning are collected by EcoQuality Services SRL and transported by respecting the law H.G. 1061/2008 regarding the transport of harmful and harmless waste on the Romanian territory, in order to recover them (if necessary) or to eliminate them by allowed societies in this purpose.

The sanitation of potable water basins is a regular operation of maintenance of the water storage containers, in order to maintain a good quality of the potable water, according to the ORDER no. 119/4 February 2014 for the approval of Hygiene and public health rules regarding the living environment of the population.

EcoQuality Services SRL does washes, cleaning of potable water tanks/PSI with qualified and experienced personnel in order to well execute this kind of works.

Products used by our company are found in the National Register of Biocidal Substances approved by the Ministry of Health.

Our company provides services of cleaning of the fat and hydrocarbons separators of different dimensions, the interior of the separator as such, the filters and the filtration devices adjacent, by ecological sanitations according to the current legislation.

The waste form the separators will be collected by EcoQuality Services SRL and transported, by respecting the current legislation, in order to eliminate to other authorized societies for this purpose.

We recommend a weekly/monthly cleaning of the fat separators (depending on the activity) and a cleaning of the hydrocarbons separators done every 5-6 months (depending on the volume of the separator). After the cleaning, the functionality degree of the separators will increase.

According to the SR EN 1825, this equipment needs regularly cleaning and maintenance because it holds waste that, besides the unpleasant smell that is released, can harm the health of the personnel but also of your client and if they are released in the sewer, they may produce blockages and by this they may produce serious problems.

Also, EcoQuality Services SRL makes available a big range of fat and hydrocarbons separators, having different dimensions and volumes.

EcoQuality Service SRL makes available for you solutions, special technological machinery and specialized personnel for sanitation services of the deposits/production spaces, halls or deposit platforms.

EcoQuality Services SRL is specialized in cuts/decommissions of tanks, pipes and other storage containers with special devices intended to be used in atmospheres potential explosive.

The company disposes of both technical facilities and ATEX authorized personnel to ensure the specific activities.

Our company is specialized in the ecological services supply from the petrol domain, ensuring treatment services by ex-situ bio-remediation of soils polluted with by hydrocarbons; in-situ and/or ex-situ decontamination of soils infested by petroleum products, decontaminations of ground water and also collection, transport, neutralization, recovery and final elimination of waste.

EcoQuality Services SRL is authorized to collect a big range of harmful and harmless waste and also to execute greening services at the beneficiary headquarters. The processing, packing, storage, transport and recovery/neutralization methods are authorized, being conform to the European Standards.

Waste collected by EcoQuality Services SRL are transported by respecting the current legislation, respectively H.G. 1061/2008 regarding the transport of the harmful and harmless waste on the Romanian territory, in order to recover them (if necessary) or to eliminate them by authorized societies for this purpose.

The collection and the special transport of the harmful waste are made by using authorized vehicles and drivers and also safety advisors for the transport of the harmful merchandises.

The information and the instruction about a correct management of the generated waste of the personnel of the beneficiary company is ensured and also the traceability of the collected waste.

EcoQuality Services SRL is recommended by the big number of works and interventions effectuated and it has the necessary and adequate preparation to intervene efficiently in case of accidental pollution like:

      • Accidental contamination with dangerous residues – petroleum products, chemical residues of any type, any environment and from any surface;

      • Various contamination produced after natural disasters;

      • Households contaminations, resulted after the negligence of the owners or after external factors;

      • Solis and waters contaminations resulted after road, rail and air accidents.

In order to prevent the accidental pollutions, our company markets fast interventions kits that you can find in the Products section.

EcoQuality Services SRL wants to be part of a big process of public awareness, in order to frame this waste category on the list of the waste that should return in the production process, instead of being eliminated and, by this, wasted.

Textile waste is selectively collected and transported in order to deposit and selection them. Afterwards they are transformed in cloth napkins.

By the environmental consult, we ensure the respect of the current legislation and also the finding and the application of the most efficient solutions to improve the costs of your company.

The environmental services that we offer:

      • Takeover of the responsibility regarding the respect of the legislation

      • Identification of the specific problems

      • Correct classification of the waste

      • Traceability of the waste

      • Preparation of the documentation and making of the mandatory reports

The responsible for the waste management has the expertise and the experience required for the takeover of the ACCOUNTABILITY of the waste management. The complexity of the specific legislation in waste management requires specific knowledge in this domain, like the correct identification of the codes presented in H.G. 856/2002.

The responsible for the waste management that we provide to you is a specialist in the environmental legislation and it has a required experience in order to help your company to respect all the provisions of the law and to pass any verification from the Guard of the Environment.

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